Beach Front Real Estate

 Beach Front Condos Florida

The beach front condos are exciting to rent for a getaway, vacation or to own. When you want to awaken to the intoxicating aroma and sound of the ocean there is a beach front property available just for you. Watching the ocean from a chair sitting au naturel on your private balcony or sitting on a towel on the beach is fantastic. The sound of the waves of the ocean rolling toward the shore is a safe drug of choice.

Four Seasons Luxury Condos

Beach Front Real Estate

The luxury beach front condos are spectacular in their design, amenities and close proximity to the beach. Some of the dream homes are designed and constructed with an artist’s flair. You could be the proud owner of a dream home that has:

* An elegant Hollywood Bannister that lines the hallway and graces the decorative staircase.

* An in-house theater with a stadium seating design, reclining seats to comfortably view an eighty-inch screen.

* The State of the Art Fitness Center is equipped for a light to a rigorous workout.

* You can relax in the heated pool or walk a few paces to the ocean to enjoy the brisk temperature of the water.

Your photos and the memories of the beach front condos go with you. Smooth over the regret of leaving and reserve the property for your next outing.

The Amenities of Luxury Condos

The Fort Lauderdale condos sport large balconies where you can see the white clouds sandwiched between the blue sky and the ocean for miles. The condos are equipped with state of the art, but stainless steel appliances with the modern look of sleek lines. The spacious bathrooms have vanities and shower walls covered in marble. There is no sink placed in front of the toilet for you to bump your head if you lean forward. The designers were diligent in keeping the tub, shower, and toilet in harmony with us humans.

pools on the beach

Be careful. The beach front condos are plentiful in Florida. Take your time and find the right condo that fits your lifestyle and your budget. You wanted to rent for a five-day vacation and then changed your mind to buy one of the luxury beach front condos. Do you want tasteful and decadent luxury with the “WOW” factor? Those condos are available.


Are you looking for a home away from home? You can add your personal touch and make the Fort Lauderdale condos “homey” and luxurious. The Oceanfront Condos have views of Cruise Ships, INTRACOASTAL Waterways, and the residents can enjoy the private beach chairs and Cabanas.